The Connection Warren-Watchung Edition Apr/May 2019

APRIL/MAY 2019 THE WARREN-WATCHUNG CONNECTION PAGE 65 WARREN TOWNSHIP ANIMAL HOSPITAL 8 North Road Warren, NJ 07059 732-868-1818 By: Diane Cawley Dr. Anna Marie Gallo, DVM Warren Township Animal Hos- pital is a quaint single doctor facility staffed by Dr. Anna Marie Gallo since 1997. At Warren Township Animal Hospital Dr. Gallo knows your pet and understands your concerns. Dr. Gallo has been a veterinary doctor at the Warren Township Animal Hos- pital for over 22 years. Dr. Gallo graduated from North Carolina Col- lege of Veterinary Medicine in 1990, with 29 years of practical experience, Dr. Gallo has a plethora of knowl- edge and common sense that is hard to find. At the Warren Township Animal Hospital you will find an immaculate office and friendly staff that is respectful of your time. Using your lunch hour to run your pet to the vet? At Warren Township Animal Hospital they pride themselves in being on time every time. Calling with a question or concern? The pro- fessional staff at Warren Township Animal Hospital is good about get- ting back to you in a timely manner. Warren Township Animal Hos- pital is a fully equipped facility. X- rays, ultrasounds and analyzing blood work are all done right at the facility allowing exceptional turn- around time for diagnosis. Dr. Gallo is personally involved with the inter- pretation of the results making them more meaningful and pertinent to your individual pet. The added con- venience of these in-house services also saves you time that would be spent with additional appointments and travel. Preventative veterinary health care is a top priority at Warren Township Animal Hospital . As an advocate of flea and tick prevention, Dr. Gallo believes in not only protecting you r beloved pets but your entire famil y from tick and flea borne illnesse s including Lyme disease. Denta l hygiene is an important factor in the health of pets, yet it is often over - looked. Controlling plaque and tarta r by brushing your pets’ teeth as a rou - tine is a great beginning. If brushing is a struggle for you bring your pet to Dr. Gallo and she will get it done fo r you. Dr. Gallo will also clean beneath the gum line and identify problem s before they become painful and expensive. Does your pet have food or environmental allergies? Dr. Gallo will work with you improving the quality of life for your pet whether i t is as simple as a prescription diet o r something more complex. Routine vaccines are available a t Warren Township Animal Hospi - tal . Many of the vaccines that Dr . Gallo uses are ultra-filtered small vol - ume batch vaccines. She chooses to use these vaccines as they are les s likely to cause allergic reactions in your pet. Dr. Gallo can also check vaccine titers via blood work, to determine whether your pet needs to be revaccinated. The common titer s Dr. Gallo uses are for canine distem - per and parvovirus and feline distem - per and calicivirus. Utilizing vaccine titers can reduce the amount of vac - cinations that your pet needs. Warren Township Animal Hos - pital is conveniently located at 8 North Road which is easily found where Washington Valley Road and Mountain Avenue intersect in War - ren, NJ. The Warren Township Ani - mal Hospital is open Monday, Tues - day, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 - 5:30pm Thursday 8:30-5pm and Sat - urday 8:30-11:30am. WARREN TOWNSHIP ANIMAL HOSPITAL Serving Warren for 28 Years 8 North Road, Warren Township, NJ 07059 (near Bardy Farms) 732-868-1818 Dr. Anna Marie Gallo, DVM Your Pet Deserves a Caring Vet! Personalized Service Routine Care Preventive Health Care Small Animal Medicine Dentistry • Surgery Ultrasonography and Client Education @WGBBridgewater 908.595.WOOF (9663) 732 US-202, Suite 130, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Open 7 Days a Week W F GANG BAKERY & GROOMING Bridgewater’s Neighborhood Pet Store Offer expires 5/31/19. Excludes grooming services. Only valid at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Bridgewater location. Cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, manufacturer coupons or loyalty programs