JUNE/JULY/AUGUST 2019 THE WARREN-WATCHUNG CONNECTION PAGE 59 Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-Noon • 5-7pm • Sat 8am-3pm • Sun 10am-12pm Closed Holidays 21 Brookside Drive, Warren, New Jersey 732-469-2633 www.brooksidekennel.net B OARDING D AY C ARE P ROFESSIONAL G ROOMING A LL B REEDS D OGS &C ATS The fastest way to sell your Car, Truck, or SUV! Owned and operated by Anthony Percario, a fully licensed car dealer since 1984 Call, text or email to make an appointment 908-385-2384 Email: Sales@carstopinc.com We buy cars! Instant CA $ H today! Car Concierge Service - we come to you to appraise your vehicle and make you an instant offer. BEADED LONG NECKLACE By: Carolyn Hanson Carolyn Hanson is a local knitting and crochet designer, teacher and fiber artist. She can be contacted at cchanson3@gmail.com . Warmer weather is here and summer is but a few weeks away. This is a fun project to either take along on vacation or gather the supplies while away. Many shore towns have local bead stores just for this reason. Beading is a fun and an easy take away for your holiday. The project uses silk or cotton embroidery thread, e.g. DMC ball and an assortment of colorful beads. The necklace is made by braiding 3 strands of equal length together; one strand holds the beads. This is what I used: - China Silk - 8 yds embroidery thread cut into 3 strands; each was 8 ft. in length - Bead Soup - a mixture of 124 beads, including: seed beads (6mm), daggers, flowers, resin, barrels, and tear drops all with a matte finish - Beading Needle - to thread beads onto one strand - 3 Small clips or twist ties to tie the strands for easier braiding - One binder clip and heavy cardboard, book, or other hard surface. Use the binder clip to secure the braid onto the solid surface for creating resistance to make a tight braid Begin by knotting the 3 strands together and leaving a few inches for mak- ing a closure. Use the beading needle to thread all the beads onto one of the threads in the preferred order, varying size and color. Push the beads about 12” away from the knot. This allows space for the braiding. Secure the end of the beaded thread with a knot or tape to prevent the beads from sliding off. Wind each strand into a butterfly knot for easier manipulation. Secure the knotted end to a solid surface so you can create a tight braid by pulling tight. Begin braiding. Slide one bead to the top of the braid every 3/4.” Keep the braid tight and smooth. To finish: Knot a large bead to the end with the beginning knot. Make a braided loop and the loose end, tie a knot and add beads to each of the strands ending with a knot. The loop should be large enough that the large bead can pass through to secure. Finished measurements: 77” x 1/8” (braid) www.theconnectionsnj.com